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In Service of Industry and Education
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FT 1000:Digital ElectronicsExpand FT 1000:Digital Electronics
FT 1100:Basic Digital ElectronicsExpand FT 1100:Basic Digital Electronics
FT 1200:Operational AmplifiersExpand FT 1200:Operational Amplifiers
FT 1300:General Purpose Development SystemsExpand FT 1300:General Purpose Development Systems
FT 1400:Power & Industrial ElectronicsExpand FT 1400:Power & Industrial Electronics
FT 1500:Communication EngineeringExpand FT 1500:Communication Engineering
FT 1600:Electronic Devise CharactresticsExpand FT 1600:Electronic Devise Charactrestics
FT 1700:Network Analysis and BridgesExpand FT 1700:Network Analysis and Bridges
FT 1800:Amplifier CircuitsExpand FT 1800:Amplifier Circuits
FT 1900:Oscilators & Wave Shaping CircuitsExpand FT 1900:Oscilators & Wave Shaping Circuits
FT 2000:MultivibratorsExpand FT 2000:Multivibrators
FT 2100:Fibre Optic TrainersExpand FT 2100:Fibre Optic Trainers
FT 2300:Control System TrainersExpand FT 2300:Control System Trainers
FT 2350:Programmable Logic Control TrainersExpand FT 2350:Programmable Logic Control Trainers
FT 2400:Power Supply DemonstratorsExpand FT 2400:Power Supply Demonstrators
FT 2500:Power SuppliesExpand FT 2500:Power Supplies
FT 2600:Signal SourcesExpand FT 2600:Signal Sources
FT 3200:Digital Multimeters & Panel MetersExpand FT 3200:Digital Multimeters & Panel Meters
FT 4000 : Electrical Engineering LaboratoryExpand FT 4000 : Electrical Engineering Laboratory
FT 2700: Microwave Components & EquipmentsExpand FT 2700: Microwave Components & Equipments
FT 9000 : Software Products

FUTURE TECH Group of Companies are dedicated to provide quality services catering to

  • Educational
  • Industrial
  • Information Technology sectors.

FUTURE TECH INSTRUMENTS PVT.LTD. Manufactures Electronic Educational Systems, Test and Measuring Instruments. Represents Leading National & Multi National Companies for their Branded Electronic Instruments, Electronic Design and Simulation Softwares.

FUTURE TECH INFORMATION SYSTEMS PVT.LTD. core activities include Software Development, Software Solutions, Office Management / ERP Solutions, Proximity, Smart card and Biometric based Access Control Applications.

FUTURE TECH Manufactures more than 1000 types of Educational Trainers in the Segments of

  • Digital Electronics
  • Operational Amplifiers
  • General Purpose Development Systems
  • Power & Industrial Electronics
  • Communication Engineering
  • Fiber Optic Trainers
  • Instrumentation Trainers
  • Control Systems Trainers etc.

The group has established its brand name FUTURE TECH for its Electronics Educational Products, Test and Measuring Equipments and Office Management Solutions.

OUR MISSION is simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible.

  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.
  • ONLINE STORE Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.

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